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the masters' advices

" Gracie jiu-jitsu... The minimum of force for the maximum of efficiency ".
Rickson Gracie
" All want the best and the brazilian jiu-jitsu proved that to the world, for that all want the jiu-jitsu he doesn't demand from the students physical quality it is very simple when well guided ".
Hélio Gracie
" The fighter that fights in the street is cowardly he makes that for fear, he lives of the bad image for fear of having to struggle, the true fighter is serene, to know how to struggle is synonymous of forgiving ".
Rickson Gracie
" All want to see a Gracie to lose that it is the unpleasant part of the jiu-jitsu due to our clear technical superiority, we placed a lump in the throat of everybody, that does with that some forget that the jiu-jitsu that they practice comes from our Brazilian Gracie family ".
Hélio Gracie

" When you have more trust in you, you are automatically more tolerant, you have conditions to meditate and to place the individual in your respective place without needing to fight and that frightens the slack ".
Hélio Gracie

" Jiu-jitsu is more than to win a fight, it is not alone that it is learned, benefits exist in the sense of moral ethical conduct, it is a balance ".
Rickson Gracie
The personal defense is so important in the formation of the character for structuring the individual emotionally making the knowledge to confront with the unexpected ".
Relson Gracie

"All Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter are direct or indirectly linked with the Gracie Family ".
Royler Gracie

I didn't " invent the jiu-jitsu, I just adapted it for me, creating lever forms to give me conditions to do the necessary movements without using force or ability overcoming larger and stronger fighters than me ".
Hélio Gracie

" The jiu-jitsu is so efficient and gives so much safety for being simple that some are thrilled by the solemnity-trust " excess.
Rickson Gracie
"It is a fight of weak where the weak has conditions of winning the robust using a minimum of force ".
Hélio Gracie
" The jiu-jitsu is not alone a force of Gracies it is a national patrimony".
Rickson Gracie
" Our jiu-jitsu is not the art of beating and yes the one of not being hit ".
Royce Gracie

" More is worth to live a day of Lion than a hundred years as a lamb "
"It is easy to wander and to sustain the mistake, the difficult is to admit that wandered and to ask excuses ".
Robson Gracie
“O que importa não e o homem que critica ou aquele que aponta como o bravo tropeçou (...).
Importante, em verdade, e o homem que está na arena, com a face coberta de poeira, suor e sangue; que luta com bravura, erra e, seguidamente, tenta atingir o alvo. E aquele que, no sucesso, melhor conhece o triunfo final dos grandes feitos e que, se fracassa, pelo menos falha com ousadia, de modo que o seu lugar jamais será entre as almas tímidas, que não conhecem nem a vitória, nem a derrota.”
(Theodore Roosevelt)

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